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An extensive cocktail list and modern tapas. This intimate venue on the main street is filled with flair. 

15 min. drive from Surfpoint


This place is so close, it's practically room service. The Common is cool, casual and coastal. Think burgers, pizza and beer.

2 min. walk from Surfpoint


Burgers to make your mouth water. This venue is all about good craft beer, crisp fries and soft buns.

10 min. drive from Surfpoint


Their own wine on tap and woodfired pizza. This venue will please the whole family.

15 min. drive from Surfpoint


Traditional Chinese/Malay cuisine in a modern, airy restaurant. Chows is packed with choice and flavour for your next lunch.

25 min. drive from Surfpoint

Pasta Maker


Authentic Italian dinner in a traditional setting. Stuff yourself silly with homemade pasta, fresh bread and local wine.

15 min. drive from Surfpoint


This brewery, complete with beer garden and playground offers smaller share plates and large solo meals. Chomp and sip to the sweet sounds of live music on the weekends.

15 min. drive from Surfpoint

In the heart of town, hidden on the banks of the Margaret River. This local gem is great for a quick hit of caffeine in the morning, before you hit the bike trails.

15 min. drive from Surfpoint


This iconic European style bakery and café has been waking up the main street with the smell of fresh croissants and coffee since the 1960’s.

15 min. drive from Surfpoint

Avocado and Beetroot Toast


A gourmet delicatessen combined with a cosy wholefoods cafe. The place for guests who fancy a Rueben baguette or tumeric latte.

10 min. drive from Surfpoint

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